Week 9 - WOW! This means we have been together for more than two months, and well over half way. How did you enjoy last week's challenge? Let’s be honest, if you follow my style you have probably been wanting to dive into Dark & Moody right? Did you LOVE it? Perhaps you love the light and bright or a flat neutral light? By now you have probably begun to notice a pull to a particular style, or theme? This is something you should explore. It may evolve over time and bounce between different types, I know my own often does. You can have more than one favourite.

This week we are going to have a little play, our theme is One Subject Three Ways. You can do this in two different ways, it’s up to you and of course you can try both if you wish.

One Subject Three Edits...

OK, so this is the easy way and that’s OK - the first challenge is to take a photo (You can even use a photo you already have) and then in Lightroom, Photoshop or whatever program you use to edit your photos, try giving a completely different look to three copies of the same photo. 

Try using some presets, have you used preset in Lightroom before? See a quick tutorial on using presets which you can download for some of my Presets free from here, or purchasing the complete set from here.

Photoshop edits for the same photo, three different ways, including textures, masks, filter gallery, creative blur and Topaz Impressions Plugin
Password - MCJ Week9

One Subject Three Ways...

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Pick one item as your subject and then create three different scenes featuring your hero. Try perhaps different angles, different lighting, times of day, even different locations etc. Use other props, mix it up and get creative. Perhaps tell a little story, of before, during and after? A balloon before being blown up, a balloon being blown up (add a human interest here) or fully up, and then one popped? Just an idea. Or the same subject & framing, lighting etc with a different background? Same flower in a vase in different rooms or swap out the background? Try different lenses, different apertures, similar but different, same setup with a different fruit in each one, same vase, different flowers…it’s entirely up to you! 

Behind the scenes of three different shoots, same vase with three different flowers, I also did 3 different flowers in 3 different scenes.

Password - MCJ Week9

Lightroom walk through for selection and edit, as well as creating triptych in the Print Module
Password - MCJ Week9

The Challenge…

Once you have done all three images create a Triptych; in Lightroom, Canva, Photoshop or something else entirely. Perhaps even show some behind the scenes images?

Tip: What is a Triptych? A set of three associated artistic, literary, or musical works intended to be appreciated together - Wikipedia

Crate 1 in 3.jpg
White 1 in 3.jpg

Don’t forget to Hashtag your images #MyCreativeJourney #onesubject3ways

Julz, xo

Slate 1 in 3.jpg