How did you go with last week’s Hero challenge? If you found it a bit challenging… Please…don't give up…think about stepping away and revisiting it another day……It’s amazing what comes from taking a break or even learning something else…not everything happens at once, somethings you need to revisit and of course, practice.

Remember…..your #MyCreativeJourney time should create a sense of calm to your week (not stress), this is just for you, and it can be done in your time, and you can revisit a challenge any time you like. Up til now it has been more about technique and settings, DOF and Focal points…this week we are going to get into a bit of styling as well.

Let’s go on Background Hunt...

This week’s photo challenge should be fun…first a background hunt & then make some pretty pictures, practice playing with light, placement, focus and styling…..

This week I want you to find something suitable for a background, something interesting with a texture. It does not have to be expensive, in fact, if it costs nothing, even better. A brick wall, some old paling fence, an old door, canvas, painted polystyrene board ( from packaging and then perhaps some old paint or a cheap sample pot). Some interesting wallpaper, fabric. How do you feel about making your own? I did a post ages ago about making your own Shabby-Chic styled tabletop.

Below is a video on some ideas for Backgrounds and Props…

Lets go on a little background and prop Hunt
Password - MCJ Week5

A Little look at some new Props
Password - MCJ Week5

Password MSS BG1

Props & Drops…

A few thoughts on all those pretty props and endless backdrops…It’s easy to get caught up in the hunt…this, that, I want, I need… so many beautiful things…..But stop and think…do you really NEED it, and WHERE will you store it? A constant battle I fight. Don’t get caught up in the ‘it needs to be old, or vintage or shabby chic’, there are lots of beautiful modern items which look amazing, whether it be the bathroom, laundry, kitchen, bedroom or garden…so much variety that I cannot cover it all.

I often wonder perhaps about swapping props with friends? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a constant stream of new things to photograph without the financial outlay or storage problems? A Prop Library if you will. What do you think?

If you find yourself feeling like you don’t have enough props or backdrops…take a fresh look around your house, borrow from a friend, a neighbour, your Mum or Grandmother. I have ‘found’ some amazing treasures no-one else wanted. There is no need to spend lots of money, the fun is sometimes finding unexpected treasures that cost nothing and are one of a kind! It doesn’t have to be old either, modern kitchen item can look amazing. Don’t forget your Pinterest Inspiration Boards and if you have not started one, maybe it’s time you did?

The Challenge…

OK, so the challenge this week, once you have found a few items and an interesting background, we are going to play with staging and creating a vignette. A vignette is when three or more objects are placed together in groupings, layering them, perhaps to tell a story, or set the scene for something. Start with your background and take a photo, then add the next layer, then the next, add something for texture or colour and of course your hero piece. Some of you have already been unintentionally creating a vignette, possibly without knowing what it is called. This really is all about intentionally styling. A friend once said “it is like magic, to capture something that was not there before YOU created it” - I find that kind of cool. I really do hope you enjoy this week’s challenge.

Lightroom Run through on creation of vignettes
Password - MCJ Week5

Lightroom and Photoshop Edit Video
Password MCJ Week5

Now get too it and don’t forget to share and hashtag #MyCreativeJourney #backgroundhunt #vignette

~ Julz, xo

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