Find your way to peace, quiet and creative calm in this online Still Life class. Feeling a little overwhelmed and uninspired…… Life a little less than creative? Lost your Mojo or not really sure WHERE to start?

Why do this class?

Are you drawn to still life photos?….Maybe you scroll through pinterest, instagram… beautiful blogs…admiring all the pretty pictures…longing to make some of your own…or maybe… you’ve gotten caught up in life’s busyness and would love to find your way back to some calmness and quiet creativity?

  • Could you use a little more calm and stillness in your life?

  • Wanna make prettier pictures to share on your own feed?

  • Are you willing to gift yourself a little time to besee and create?

  • Want a boost and some inspiration to get you back into shooting?

  • Not 100% sure where to start, what camera settings to use, or not confident off Auto?

If your answers are yes, to any of these…then this class might just be for YOU.

This Class is gradually being moved over to the new Self-Paced Teachable Platform, link below